High-quality tattoo care as useful merchandise for a professional appearance in the studio. Made with love & vegan.

Your logo – your own aftercare! Make your clients feeling truly valued. Offer them maligo® high quality tattoocare for stressed, tattooed skin including a multilingual label and official EU certification.

The new and improved maligo® Tattoo Aftercare is back! With a beautiful soft consistency and packed with many plant-based ingredients, vitamin E and the distinctive tropical fragrance. 

Juicy mango mixed with mild nutty shea and fresh coconut for the adventurous tropical scent. The perfectly buttery consistency can be spread evenly on the skin.. 

maligo® contains high-quality ingredients such as Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Chamomile, Calendula, Olive Oiland a distinctive eexotic scentAll main ingredients are of course vegan.

We deliberately do without mineral oil, lanolin, palm oil, silicone, animal Vaseline!


Thats what our customers say:


Are super happy with the aftercare products. Thank you! We will order again.

The aftercare feels very smooth on the skin and the texture makes it easy to apply always the right amount of cream. It allows the skin to breathe and also keeps the skin super hydrated for a long time. We and our clients are very satisfied with the product.

Smells great !!


The possibility to add your studio logo is simply amazing !!!